Can You Make Herbalife Formula 1 Shake With Just Water? 💧

One of our most asked questions by our customers is "Can I prepare Herbalife Formula 1 Shake with just water?"

The simple answer is NO. You can't prepare Formula 1 shake with just water as (#1) it wouldn't taste good and (#2) you would leave out the protein component from the shake which is really important to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs.

You have the 3 following options:

  • Use regular milk
  • Use milk alternative (almond milk, soy milk, oat milk...)
  • Use Protein Drink Mix (PDM) + water

Thus, you can only prepare F1 shake with water if you use PDM as well.

So what are the differences between the three and which option should you use for the best taste and result?

Milk Alternative
All of the Formula 1 Shake powders are now fully vegan. So if you're following a vegan diet, you will need to use 250ml - 300ml of milk alternative to make the final product suit your dietary requirements. If you're not vegan, it may be better for you to use one of the other options as milk alternatives are generally lower in protein.

Regular Milk

By standard, Formula 1 Shake can be prepared with 250ml - 300ml of semi-skimmed milk. Ideally use organic milk to ensure it’s as natural as possible. However, regular milk has quite a bit of sugar and doesn't provide as much protein as the last option...

Protein Drink Mix = The Best Option
Herbalife Protein Drink Mix is a whey-based (not vegan) alternative to milk to give your shake more protein, less sugar and much creamier taste. It's prepared with 300ml - 400ml of water, making it really convenient when on the go. (you don't want to be carrying with you a pint of milk right?)

From the image below you can see the exact comparison between Semi-skimmed milk, unsweetened almond milk and Protein Drink Mix. You probably can clearly tell the winner.


Herbalife Protein Drink Mix (588g) - The Herba Coach
Herbalife Protein Drink Mix (588g) - The Herba Coach
Herbalife Protein Drink Mix (588g) - The Herba Coach

Herbalife Protein Drink Mix (588g)


Herbalife Protein Drink Mix can be consumed in 2 delicious ways. Prepare it as a tasty, calorie controlled high protein snack, or add it to your favourite shake, for an indulgent, rich, creamy drink.

Why Swap For PDM?

Adding PDM to your Formula 1 Shake instead of milk has so many benefits. It will reduce the amount of sugar and fat in your shake and boost its protein content. Also, PDM can be mixed with water making it more convenient when on the go.

protein drink mix calories comparison - why to use it


Key Benefits
  • 15g of high-quality protein per serving
  • Just 0.3g of sugar and fat
  • 24 essential vitamins and mineral
  • 7g of carbohydrates
  • Can be made with water
How To Use

One tub of Protein Drink Mix contains approx. 42 scoops and can be prepared in two ways:

  • Mix two scoops (28 g) with 250ml water for a quick and nutritious protein drink snack.
  • Mix one scoop (14 g) with 250ml water and a regular amount of Formula 1 Shake shake for a quick and delicious protein-rich meal.
    Nutritional Information

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    Herbalife Protein Drink Mix (588g)

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